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All children are given breakfast, lunch and a snack in the afternoon at, and from, the kindergarten. Lunch is delivered 5 days a week from a catering company.

The children are staying long hours with us. The nutrition, therefore, is given a high priority in the everyday life of the kindergarten. We do choose our caterer very carefully.

Currently, the company EssCulinaire is our food supplier. They prepare their meals fresh and adapt their menus to the quality standards of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung.


Sweets are only allowed for special occasions (birthdays, parties) and after consultation with the management. The sweets must be given to the manager who will then make sure of a fair distribution among the children.

For trips and nature days, the children should be given a snack. It is mandatory to ensure it is a healthy and balanced nutritional snack (no sweets), and a drink (preferably water, unsweetened tea) should be given too. Please do pay attention to waste prevention!


Kindergarten monthly fee to the institution: 100€

Parental fees that arise from the governing body: According to § 23 (KiBiz)

Monthly food fee: 60€

A one-time admission fee: 250€


School children fee for the institution: 190€

School children will only need a parental fee

Monthly food fee: 55€

Admission fee: 150€

Daily routine

8:00 am – 9:00 am:

  • Arrival of the children: There will be caring transition into the group, and time for chats with the parents in passing.
  • Open breakfast and free play: In this time between 8:00 and 9:00, there is a breakfast table set up that invites all children for breakfast. The children can decide themselves when they sit at the table, or if they want to continue playing. Most children use the comfortable atmosphere to talk with the parents, the educators and the other children. Before and after the meal, the children can choose their playing material and their playing partner freely.

9:00 am:

  • The parents say goodbye and the children can start the day together.

9:00 am – 9:30 am:

  • Morning circle: As a permanent ritual and a nice start into the day, every morning there is a morning circle for half an hour. It is used as a welcome and is a round of talks and a children’s conference. After a welcoming song it is checked which children are present and which ones are sick. Moreover in this time birthdays are celebrated and there is time to talk about rules and activities. This half hour gives the children an orientation and stability. It is a special possibility to start the day and to start a conversation with the children. They can bring in their ideas, tell what bothers them and what they would want to plan differently or what they want to arrange differently.

9:30 am – 12:00 pm

  • Activities before noon: In the time during the morning circle and lunch, different activities are being offered for small groups and there is time for free play. E.g. preschool, activities for children under the age of 3, colouring, theatre, project work, Schlaumäuse, nature day, experiments, sports

12:00 pm

  • Noon circle: The activities and experiences that happened before noon are discussed, and a plan for the afternoon is made

12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

  • Lunch: The common meals have a special meaning for us. After washing our hands, our children of all ages come together for lunch. It is a special shared experience in which the children are encouraged to talk together and have meaningful conversations. The meals are delivered by an outside caterer. The children are being encouraged to find their own seat at the table, according to their age. Keeping up table manners, as well as having a calm and comfortable atmosphere, is very important to us. We encourage children – even the small ones – to eat independently and to try the different types of food. After the meal, every child clears his/her plate and cutlery away into the kitchen.
  • Brushing teeth: After lunch, teeth are brushed in the bathroom in small groups.
  • Sleeping children: The sleeping children take off their day clothes and are accompanied into the sleeping room. The parents know their child’s needs the best. Therefore, we will always discuss the sleeping arrangements with them. To us, their tiredness is significant. Normally, only children aged 1 to 3 have a nap. To make it easier for them to fall asleep, the children can bring a cuddly toy or something similar from home. When the children are put down, an educator stays in the room until all children are asleep. After that, the baby monitor is turned on.
  • Quiet time: After brushing the teeth, the remaining children can snuggle up in cushions and blankets in the big group room and listen to a story, an audiobook or music for 20-30 minutes.

From 1:00 pm:

  • Activities in the afternoon: In the time between quiet time and getting picked-up, there are different activities throughout the day, as well as time for free play.
  • Afternoon snack: At around 3:00pm, a snack is offered to all children (usually fruit or vegetables)
  • Picking up the children (flexible times): Arrival of the parents, time for a short chat with the parents and transition to the family day. Our supervisory duty ends as soon as the parents receive their children.
  • The kindergarten closes at 5:15pm.

School children

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm:

  • The children arrive depending on when their lessons end. Children in the first grade should be picked up from school during the first semester.
  • Depending on when the children are back from school, the children have lunch in groups. Having their lunch together once they arrive from school is a great possibility to talk about their experiences of the day and to share their feelings about their day.
  • Depending on when the children finish school, homework is completed (between 30 – 60 min) in groups. The homework should be done independently. There is always a qualified employee in the homework room to help if necessary and to check the exercises. During nature day, which takes place once a month, and during theatre class day, which takes place once a week (Wednesday), only a small amount of the homework can be done. Children who come back from school late may have to finish their homework at home.

At round about 3.00 pm:

  • We will offer the children an afternoon snack.
  • After the homework, it is time for free play and selective activity offers. The children can participate in the offered activities on a voluntary basis. The only exceptions are theatre and nature activities that are a part of our pedagogical concept, which makes the participation mandatory for everyone. In our pedagogical planning process, we try to offer activities that are suitable for the children’s level of development and we encourage them all to take part. The school children have the right though, to decide themselves how to spend the time after finishing their homework.


  • During the holidays, and in the case of class cancellations (outside the frame of our closing hours), the day care for the school children begins at 8:00 am. We plan the holidays with the children, and take their wishes and proposals into account. Normally, we offer a mixed program containing free play, day trips and project weeks.

Children’s conference

  •   Children’s conferences are held regularly and the children themselves offer their ideas, talk about aspects that are bothering them and participate in the planning of projects and holiday activities. They learn to take responsibility, to develop activism and to speak their mind.

We are members of

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